SOFT SQ is the pioneering provider of travel technology solutions that improves the efficiency and outcome for travel agents and their customers.
Our main products include TOURPRO X and We On Web (WOW). TOURPRO X, a travel management solution allowing customers to manage their business effectively.
WOW, a travel ecommerce solution creating channels, to get clients through website, social commerce and partners efficiently and profitably. We are committed in providing clients with success for the next generation of travel.
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Product Owner

Job Overview

  • As the name suggest, the ‘Product Owner’, is in charge of the success or failure of the product, whether it’s the challenge when things do not go as plan or the pride of when the Product enable the client to achieve Success and winning the respect of the development team.

A key role in guiding development of the product with an agile team collaborate to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software, without forgetting other stakeholders as well as the success of bringing the market to the product, through the marketing and the sales team.


What are the responsibilities of the Product Owner

Create an optimal environment for product development that offers the maximum value to the stakeholders by

  • Understanding and Representing the customer
    • In getting the requirement to the team
    • In giving feedback to the team
  • Helping the team to understand the customer, so they can deliver relevant benefits to the customer
  • Create customer persona for team
  • Update market situations
  • Encourage team to take initiative to understand the customer better
  • Creating user stories for backlog
    • That have clear goal & value, story, scenario & pain point and acceptance criteria
  • Prioritize list of requirements, both for product and sprint backlogs)*
  • To drive real result for the product
    • User success
    • Deliver
      • Acquisition
      • Activation
      • Retention
      • Referral
      • Revenue
    • Focus on the whole picture, beyond the product that you are responsible for
      • Looking after the interest of development team to deliver product in the long term
      • Looking after the interest of other product teams
      • Looking for opportunities to collaborate and gain additional efficiency
      • Consider the business perspective and collaborate with the product manager and account manager to
        • Grow the bottom line for the company
        • Enhance the strategic position
      • Aligning work of team with company Vision, Mission, Strategy and Goal
      • Assisting in the development and maintaining the product roadmap
      • Assisting in creating the pricing model for the product
  • Yearly salary adjustment
  • Bonus from profit
  • Group health and accident insurance (OPD, IPD)
  • Domestic and International Company Trips
  • Annual Leave starting 8-14 days per year
  • Able to buy travel product at cost
  • Training and Development Programs
  • Notebook and necessary work related equipment
  • Exercise Activities (table tennis in the office, badminton court for 3 hours per week)
  • Snacks and drinks

Business Support